Want to help Syrian refugee babies? Do this.

I’ve been looking at baby pictures lately. This isn’t wholly unusual, but it definitely ramps up as we hit new milestones (lost teeth!) or fall back on old frustrations (remember when sucking her thumb was cute?) or, really, any time I have feelings about life and love and loss and worry. Like I said, I’ve been looking at baby pictures lately. I delivered all three of my babies in a wonderful hospital in a major city with a skilled surgeon {Read More}

Why (and how to) help refugees.

It’s hard to escape the images of stricken, suffering Syrian families awaiting safe passage to…well, anywhere, really. (12.2 million Syrians- 5.6 million of whom are children. Million.) And I get it: there are so many people facing so much awful right now, you might be having trouble processing who (or where) gets top billing in the brain game called grief/rage/anxiety/rinse/repeat. And that’s okay. That’s legit. What’s not legit, however, is sitting quietly by while innocent victims are denied basic human rights {Read More}