A Recap (And Some Dad Love).

This morning, Nora just about exploded with pride and gleeful excitement as she got ready for school. Why? Oh, no big deal, just the fact that her Dad was gonna be the room parent today. (“Remember to introduce Dad to your friends, Nora.” “Oh, I don’t need to do that- everyone knows MY DAD.”) It made me think back to when my Dad was the field trip chaperone, and what crazy-terrific days those were. (I mean, it was MY DAD. And he wasn’t even at work! And it was just him and me, and no siblings whatsoever- and yeah, sure, about thirty other students, but the important thing is NO SIBLINGS.)

Onward to the week’s news! (If we can possibly beat that.)

Things That Can’t Compete With P.J. Being The Room Parent:

Thursday marked Jasper’s two monthiversary…and I did a pretty good job convincing everyone (including myself) how a-ok with it I was.

The next day I issued a stern warning to Spring Fever-happy Chicagoans, via Chicago Parent.

On Monday, I single-handedly upped everyone’s birth control regimen (until I weakened their resolve with some supra-cute baby pictures).

And today marks my Dad’s 22nd outta 24 chemo treatments. YOU OVER-ACHIEVER, YOU! So, Dad, to give you something fun to do (besides the veritable theme park that is chemo), here are some online minute mysteries.

Not enough joy for you? Here’s a picture of you playing a guitar.


(Rock out today, Dad.)



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