Skill sets.

Lots of folks are posting (downright adorable) photos of their kiddos’ First Day of School pix. As we don’t start until September 8th and FOURTEENTH, respectively, I am not those people. Due to those samesuch constraints, my work output this past week/weekend has been- ah- lacking. Let’s go with lacking. But lest you think my cluttery weekend didn’t allow for self-reflection, I tell you NAY. Here are two things I said aloud in the past 48 hours: 1) I’ve decided that, {Read More}

Dating my husband: Broken puzzle edition.

Some people just know how to party. On Friday night- after a week in which both P.J. and became totally, thoroughly burned out- we decided to do something quiet. He let me choose. And, like the senior citizen that I am, I picked out a recently gifted (and unopened) 500 piece puzzle. He mixed a couple of bourbon and gingers. And I pulled out a stack of vinyls for listenin’. It was relaxing, cozy, and not even a little bit {Read More}

That’s Why I Married You.

Hey P.J., Happy anniversary! Almost. We’re almost at 7 years- and I know how much you love your little mathly technicalities- so I’ll wait until this Sunday to say this to your face. (This is a big concession, which I know you know, being as I dig celebrating my birthday from May 6th until July 6th. Birthday “month” really only depends on when you start and when you end, right? Don’t answer that.) Another thing I know we both know {Read More}

Time Capsule: Actual Film Edition.

I developed three rolls of film yesterday. That’s right, I took actual film in to be developed. And not in a hipster “Oh, I’ll just use my makeshift darkroom secured by vintage jacquard curtains” way. No. I took three, wedding flower-decorated, disposable cameras into the corner Walgreens and handed a confused photo employee a time capsule. “Do you develop these?” “Uhh…I think so?” Back story: I had unearthed these gems last month while sorting some boxes at my folks’ home. {Read More}

Rearranging Furniture And Other Marriage Helpers.

I feel that moving and rearranging objects gives them energy, I honestly do. I feel that Feng Shui is a very real form of magic. I also feel that I have no actual skills when it comes to Feng Shui-ing the heck out of a room. This doesn’t stop me in the slightest. Related: P.J. is the (reluctantly) proud owner of a newly upended room. This is a guy, for the record, who likes his socks to go in the {Read More}

Well, That About Sums It Up, Now Doesn’t It?

Since I’m clearly incapable of linear thought these days- not to mention linear zip codes- here’s a smattering of photos that I quite dig from the past week: Aren’t they adorable? P.J. found this portrait from my Dad’s studio session with his band. My Dad rocks the headphones/pensive look. P.J. rocks the “is this a mirror image of what your Dad’s doing?” look. (We all have our strengths.) I found this gem among my Mom’s letters. Please note the birthday {Read More}

The Perfect Partnership, Or- Outsmarting Your Wife.

Last Sunday, I was in a mood. A mood. I was feeling unproductive, irritable, and ready to crawl out of my own skin. P.J. took one look at me and casually remarked, “You should go organize the bookshelves.” I almost threw a plate at his head. Of all the sexist, demeaning, trivializing things to say, he’s telling me to go do prettifying busywork? In not so many words, I informed him that he had made a grave error in judgement. {Read More}

Back When P.J. Was The Favorite. Again. (And Still.)

I happened upon this post about my kids’  favorite parent from about three years ago, and it resonated. Oh, how it resonated. Because recently, Jasper has decided that only P.J. will do in terms of bedtime and mealtime and bath time and awesometime. Don’t get me wrong, I understand (and appreciate) the appeal of Fun Time Philip, but I do wonder if Jasper had only been using me for my boobs all that time. (When will I learn?) So I thought {Read More}