Chicago kids love to float, pose, and scale

Disclosure: My kids are ridiculously lucky to try all of this stuff for free. Although my activities around Chicago are compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and impressively flexible children are entirely my own.


Want to see what those monkeys of mine have been up to for the past two weeks? (Here’s a recap for folks just tuning in now; don’t worry, the only plot twist that could possibly confuse you would be the moment that I jumped in the pool. Which didn’t- and won’t- happen.)

Goldfish Swim School- Bradley Place

Week 5 and 6- We figured out that the Bradley Place location of the fabulous Goldfish Swim School worked better for our time, patience, and physical states of being, post-school. Turns out, it’s the same incredible attention to detail (and safety), cleanliness, and utter excitement at swim learnin’. The kids took to their new lanes like old pros, and Jasper even stretched out his arms to his new instructor before cheerfully dunking under water! (My baby does not do things like that. That said, I’m thrilled when my baby does do things like that.) And the girls’ new trick of floating face-down and awaiting a shoulder tap to roll to a back float and tap, tap, tap, repeat is way cooler than anything I know how to do in the water (or out of it).

Design Dance

Week 5- Nora couldn’t stop gushing about hopscotch at her most favorite-ever Design Dance class. (Heck, is that what the kids are doing now? Get me out on the dance floor, you guys!) And Suzy couldn’t stop saying “Zulu spin,” a) probably because it’s way close to “Zuzu” and b) because it was an immediate call to action where she’d drop down and, you know, spin. That child does love a good call to action.

Week 6- If there’s anything that children of mine know how to do, it’s dance in front of a mirror. This was their week. The adorable class of divas has begun building on dance moves and performing them, sans teacher, in front of a mirror. Oh my heart, the facial attitude.


Windy City Ninjas

Week 2- Goodness, we’re all over the map with these weeks, aren’t we? Welcome to the minivan, folks. (I almost wrote Welcome to the Odyssey- as in “Honda,” but that seemed way too Homeric and self-important, so “minivan” it is, kids!) Anyway. Windy City Ninja class! Jasper actually did most of the stuff that Susannah did! (As in, he followed her lead for most of the class, getting distracted by shiny objects only ever so slightly. I don’t believe he could do the majority of things that Suzy does, as she likes to defy gravity and the occasional rule.)

Week 3– Goodness, I get tired even watching these kids (and their stellar, inexhaustible coaches). This is the week where Jasper decided he was no longer shy. This was also the week where Suzy asked if there was a higher wall she could scale. (…Yes. Yes, there was.)

Stay hydrated, friends; these kids know how to WORK.

Waving gratefully from the folding chair,




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