#RiseUp, a.k.a. Time to go back to church

In today’s tale of…

#BestLife questionable parenting moments

…We have a quote from the one and only, five year-old, establishment-smashing child of mine.

From the backseat of the car this morning, Suzy piped up with a question.

“Mom? Do all churches have pictures of Jesus?”

Knowing this was Suzy, and knowing that was not the real question she was asking, I paused for a second.

“Well, Christian churches do.”


“I think so, sweetheart.”

“So, none have pictures of Alexander Hamilton?”



“I…don’t think so, no.”

It was quiet for a moment, but then I caught a glimpse of Suzy staring sadly out the window and heard a mutter under her breath.

“Well, I guess that’s a choice.”



(“…And I’m gonna need a right-hand man.”)



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