Happy birthday/thank you/I’m so, so sorry.

It’s that time of year again, you guys!

(For those of you playing along at home, one possible answer is: Celebration Month. This is also true. Between Susannah and Nora and P.J.’s birthdays- and subsequent celebrations which rarely ever happen on the birthdays themselves, nothatwouldbeCRAZY– and Halloween and Halloween school parties and Halloween other parties, we should probably just rename the month Sugar: (But Maybe With A Festive Gift Bag.)

But no. Today I’d like to specifically focus on and fete and fawn over P.J., because a) he’ll tell me to knock it off, and b) he’s way too mellow to do it himself.

Tomorrow is P.J.’s birthday and I’d like to thank him for:

…Never sleeping. I mean, he should sleep, but that’s when he takes care of early/late grocery runs, fixing that thing in the garage that’s been bugging him- and will only take a sec- and catching up on work/emails/making sure the cats are mostly okay.

…Being cool with the three cats that have somehow forced their way into his heart and lap and credit card bills.

…Taking it upon himself to attempt maintenance on the Boo Radley house next door. (Where no one lives, except for a feral cat, possum, and rat colony. I am one thousand percent not making this up.) And while the city won’t ever thank him for keeping the property’s stoop and front yard borderline presentable, he deserves a high five. (And a checkup to ensure his shots are all up to date.)

…Cheerfully tailoring media to each recipient’s taste, style, and mood- from vinyl to DVDs to podcasts- and asking nothing in return (except for maybe wanting to know your every thought and feeling about that track/scene/moment).

…Killing those rats. A lot. All the time. Everywhere.

…Being, as Jasper calls it, “a really, really good guy.” To his friends, his kids, his wife, his family, his neighbors, and his random acquaintances throughout each and every day.

jasper p.j.

(Just a couple of really, really good guys.)

Even when he doesn’t think he is is.

Especially then.

Thank you for all of this, Peej. (I’m sorry for so, so much of this, Peej.)

You make this* a really good place.

(*Wherever we happen to be. Happy birthday, pal.)



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