I’m almost 37. Here’s why it’s great.

Magic wands

Here’s something fun I recently learned: I’m not yet at the age where I feel embarrassed to tell people my age. I’m not sure what that means for me, but here’s what it means for YOU. (I’m going to blog about my age.) In just a handful of days, I’ll no longer be 36. I’ll be 37. Maybe one of the reasons I’m so cheerfully announcing my late-mid-thirties (it’s a thing) is because 36 was borderline hard. So… Here’s what I {Read More}

35 reasons: A birthday ode to the best guy I know


Today, the world’s most perfect Philip Joseph is 35. Thirty-five. Considering what a youthful youth he was when we first met, that number seems positively made up. (But as Suzy pointed out last night, I’ll always be older. And as P.J. pointed out- much older.) Since we first started celebrating birthdays together, I’ve made a habit of emailing him throughout the day and listing the reasons I’m downright bonkers for him. (It was a tad easier in his middle twenties, {Read More}