6 reasons we’re sweet on Lifeline Theatre’s ‘Arnie the Doughnut’

Lifeline Theatre’s charming new production of Arnie the Doughnut– spun like sugar from Laurie Keller’s story of the same name- concerns Arnie, a freshly baked and rather, well, concerned doughnut who isn’t so sure about his lot in life. Namely, as breakfast to the rule-and-routine-happy Mr. Bing. (Sound dark? It totally isn’t.)


6 Reasons We’re Sweet on ‘Arnie the Doughnut’

6. It features unlikely heroes. Since when does a buttoned-down nice guy get to be the force for change? Well, not since Mister Rogers Neighborhood, I’ll tell you that much. David Gordon-Johnson’s Mr. Bing is a rootable character who takes a victory lap for all of us who prefer not to rock the boat.

5. Rachel Sypniewski’s costumes are fantastic. A jelly doughnut with a sparkly cap? A puffy French cruller with silky layers akin to a debutante ballgown? And then there’s Arnie, whose chocolate frosting was decorated with sparkly gemstones that my kids commented on (and commented on) throughout the show. We later decided we would’ve worn each and every “look” with pride.

4. Donut hole puppets! I won’t get into too much detail here, but they’re seriously too cute for words.

3. Director Elise Kauzlaric and Adapter Frances Limoncelli have condensed the popular book into a cohesive, funny, hourlong jaunt. Did you hear me, parents? An hour. High-five, Lifeline.

2. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone. Even if it’s not immediately evident. Even if you have to work super-duper hard to figure out what sets you apart and makes you irreplaceable. So, with Lifeline Theatre’s latest message, I can pretty much take a seat and know that my kids have just been parented extremely well. (Thanks again, Lifeline!)

1. Arnie. Arnie Arnie Arnie. Jared Rein’s take on the positive pastry is sweet without being saccharine (you’re welcome), and jubilantly earnest. Come on, when’s the last time you immersed yourself in jubilant earnestness? (If you’re anything like me, it’s been way too long.)

Aimed at kids five and up, this delightful production shows the importance of being “more than delicious;” you also have to be kind, useful, and part of your community.

And if that’s not the sweetest message with which to enter the holiday season, I don’t know what is.

If you go:

Runs through Sunday, November 26th, 2017

at Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood Ave., Chicago




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