Cold & flu & terror & the apocalypse

I’m terrified of cold and flu season. …But I’m not terrified of colds and the flu for the reasons you might expect. (Unexpected Illness Terror: a book of contemplative poetry by Keely Flynn, coming soon.) I mean, there’s plenty to be afraid of. Kids throwing up is gross. Body aches and sinus pain make you regret life choices, like choosing to have a life where you catch the flu. And, at least in this news cycle, this is the worst {Read More}

New year, same blog & a 2018 word

Happy new year! Happy same blog. Which is…good. “Same” can be comforting in a new year, especially in light of so much oh no oh no oh no whaaaat that pretty much defined 2017. Speaking of new years and definitions, I’ve chosen my word for 2018. (Because I’m saccharine and a hippie and a lemming.) Last year’s word, if you’ll recall, was a firm NO. (Which, come on, what good did I think would come out of that? Besides the {Read More}

6 reasons we’re sweet on Lifeline Theatre’s ‘Arnie the Doughnut’

Lifeline Theatre’s charming new production of Arnie the Doughnut– spun like sugar from Laurie Keller’s story of the same name- concerns Arnie, a freshly baked and rather, well, concerned doughnut who isn’t so sure about his lot in life. Namely, as breakfast to the rule-and-routine-happy Mr. Bing. (Sound dark? It totally isn’t.) 6 Reasons We’re Sweet on ‘Arnie the Doughnut’ 6. It features unlikely heroes. Since when does a buttoned-down nice guy get to be the force for change? Well, {Read More}

Jasper’s big (tiny) Halloween #StreamTeam reveal

Disclosure: As part of Netflix’s superbly fun #StreamTeam, I get to extol the virtues of the latest and greatest in streaming content. Although I’m compensated for my work, all thoughts, opinions, and downright edible children are entirely my own. *** Halloween is hard. Not the overstimulation, the constant blocking of gory zombie displays, or even the crazy amounts of candy consumption (that part is embarrassingly easy)… No, what’s hard is the dressing-up and going-out and keeping-on of a costume for a {Read More}

The party just got a little quieter.

Let me tell you about a really great guy. My cousin Joseph Flynn was a really great guy; he lived for his family and friends (and the myriad of ways to connect on the internet with family and friends), and always- always– had something kind and funny and true and proud to say about those family members and close friends. And really, for a guy like Joe, everyone he met became a close friend and those close friends had a {Read More}

Hearts & Flowers & Glue-Covered Mice.

Usually around this time of year I’m all hearts n’ flowers n’ red cellophane. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still oh-so Valentinetastic, just maybe a little less vocal about it this February. Heavy hearts and lacy hearts look weird together. That said, I did make 34 Hershey kiss mice for the girls’ class Valentines. Considering that a) 34 IS A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE TO GLUE THINGS FOR and b) I’m beyond terrified of rodents, I have to assume that {Read More}

He Left For A Week.

Last Monday, P.J. left town for a business trip. In Toronto. For a week. I had been nervous- not about our kids or their transpo or my work or the household in general…but about all of those things. Together. If I had felt frazzled when he was here, what the heck was gonna happen when he was across country borders and on an international calling plan? (Which, if I might be such a jerk to mention, was the plan I {Read More}

Jasper Is 11 Months. Oh, My Neglected Third.

Dear Jasper, Happy 11 months, pal. I’ve mentioned this before, but you’re pretty much the only one around here I don’t worry about. (And yes, I’m including that Dad of yours. That guy…) It’s funny, right? The smallest, least mobile (for now), and most requiring of my physical presence is the one whom I fret about the least. (…For now.) You’re the one who’s tried all the foods way ahead of suggested timelines, and the one who completely skipped over the {Read More}