I’m thankful for so many, many things.

My children- and their health, kind hearts, and continued safety as they grow.

My husband- who’s so awfully good at reading between the lines that he’s able to help me complete each page and chapter beautifully (and with a minimum of asking questions like “What happened to all the bourbon/are those new shoes?”)

My friends- and, more specifically, never-ending text chains with a carefully curated group of awesome texters. We live in the future, and the future is marvelous.

My sisters- who each play a pivotal (and pivoting) role in my life. That’s why everyone should have three.

My work (which I love) in a city (which I adore).

But today I’m most thankful for my Mama.

It’s Deborah Flynn’s 65th birthday, and she’s the one who:

-Taught me how to mother those babies

-Showed me what a good marriage looks like

-Cultivated the kind of friendships that last a lifetime

-Cemented the truth that family is absolutely everything

-And instilled in me a pride for my work and my home.

So thank YOU, Mom.

Thanks for all of my thankful things.

Mim and girls

Happy, happy birthday!



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