Merry Everything (and see you in 2018)!

Signing off for this year, pals.

May the rest of December bring you:

…The happiest holidays if you celebrate, and a peaceful end of 2017 if you don’t. (Heck, I wish everyone a peaceful end of 2017. BYE, 2017!)

…Gluten-free treats that taste like normal people food. (Or, you know, awesome food for non-allergics if you’re non-allergic.)

…Naps. I wish you many naps.

…At least one moment over the next couple of weeks that makes you feel like a good member of society, and at least one other that makes you marvel at how many good members of society there really are.

And may 2018 bring you:

…Everything that will make your heart happy.

Heck, you don’t need my wishes. You’re already awesome. (But you have ’em anyhow, just ready for the taking.)

Love you all,


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