Netflix #StreamTeam love, all year ’round

Disclosure: As part of Netflix’s Stream Team, I get to deck the halls with the jingliest of streaming titles. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and five golden rings are entirely my own. (Especially if my husband’s been picking up what I’ve been laying down.)



It’s been a year. Thankfully, Netflix has given me a year’s worth of streamy goodness for the brain and soul- practically a pear tree’s worth.

On the first month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

Chill with Bob Ross. Okay, my whole family is enamored of the guy with the happy little trees and clouds. There was one night in January, however, where Bob pretty much saved my life; I had horrific food poisoning and watched roughly ten episodes before my soothed eyeballs lulled my broken body to sleep. I will forever love Bob Ross.


On the second month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

So much standup. Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Trevor Noah, Patton Oswalt, John Mulaney, Christina P., Hasan Minhaj, Katherine Ryan and so many more because oh my God we need to laugh.

On the third month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

PJ Masks! Do you know why I love- nay- adore this show? It’s the first one that Jasper has chosen on his own, and the very first can we please acknowledge this left and right that his sisters have joined him in watching without comment. Jasper chose a new favorite show? Jasper chose a new favorite show!

On the fourth month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

Stranger Things and, later in the year, Stranger Things 2. I do love me some painstakingly recreated early 1980s wonderfulness- the kind that makes you keep the ol’ hall light on. (Listen, I may be all up on the pulse of when things get released for streaming, but in terms of when I actually get around to viewing them myself…? Pitiful. Still worth it.)


On the fifth month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

Boss Baby. Good gracious, my children are obsessed with this one. Bonus: They keep insisting on singing “Blackbird” as they wander through the house, so perhaps this movie has helped my dream of living in a sentimental musical come to life. (Thanks, Boss Baby!)

On the sixth month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

Trollhunters, which is actually a show that P.J. and I both find exceedingly funny. Turns out, when Guillermo del Toro writes a show for children, it’s exceptional. (Weird, right?)

On the seventh month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

A break. Do you know how many seasons of Phineas and Ferb there are on Netflix? Four. Do you know how many episodes my kids watched while I attempted a work/life balance immediately after school let out for the summer? All of them.

On the eighth month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

More episodes of House Hunters. They could hunt for houses at Costco by this point and I’d still be on board. (What, you think that laundry pile’s gonna take care of itself?)

On the ninth month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

A gentle reminder about downloadable titles. “Keep your sanity on road trips,” it whispered. “Who cares if there’s an internet connection?” (I love you forever, Netflix.)


On the tenth month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

Little Witch Academia. As a fan of anime series and witches alike (anyone else love the 1986 Fairuza Balk movie The Worst Witch? …Anyone?) we were all on board for this Japanese import. This was our Halloween staple. (Which is awesome, because October also equals Birthday Month, so it was pretty much our only Halloween staple.)

On the eleventh month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

The entire series of The Office, downloaded onto my iPad, a season at a time. I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but it cannot be said enough: this show soothes my brain like few others, and THIS SURE WAS THE SEASON FOR BRAIN SOOTHIN’.

On the twelfth month of 2017, my Netflix gave to me…

The much-anticipated New Year’s Eve countdown with my kids’ favorite characters. (Starting on December 26th, search for “Countdown” and a special icon for 2018 will appear with nine New Year’s party videos.) Happy New Year’s to all! (At 8 p.m.!)

Goodnight, everyone, we did it!!


Now get some rest.

2018 is gonna be streamtacular.




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