New year, same blog & a 2018 word

Happy new year!

Happy same blog. Which is…good. “Same” can be comforting in a new year, especially in light of so much oh no oh no oh no whaaaat that pretty much defined 2017.

Speaking of new years and definitions, I’ve chosen my word for 2018. (Because I’m saccharine and a hippie and a lemming.)

new year 2018 party

(Don’t worry- even though she was at a different party, Nora’s definitely still part of our 2018. Apparently her word for the year was “popular.”)

Last year’s word, if you’ll recall, was a firm NO. (Which, come on, what good did I think would come out of that? Besides the obvious result of learning to say no to people for the first time in three decades. So, maybe it was actually pretty awesome.)

The words for 2015 and 2016 were, to the best of my memory, “bourbon.” Which was- and is- a great word, but rather awful as a business and life model.

So the word for 2018 is…


(Told you I was a saccharine hippie.)

Here’s what I love about “cultivate:” It allows- nay- encourages growth. It respects boundaries. It can be modified in real time. And it packs a walloping punch when a hard no is required. (A great deal of cultivating a garden involves yanking weeds out by the roots. Fear me, Life Garden.)

And don’t worry: I’ve made some room in that cultivation plan for the occasional bourbon, too.

What’s your word for 2018?


Ready for my newest venture I’m thrilled to cultivate? It’s called Tidyish, “decluttering and design from a decided non-minimalist.” (I’m having SO much fun with this one!) Give me a follow on my new Facebook page for tips n’ convo, check my Instagram feed for pretty, pretty neatness, Tweet at me for snippets o’ tidy, gawk at my Pinterest life goals, and peep on my YouTube #speedclean videos. (Because everyone and their 80s afterparty loves a good cleaning montage, right?)

Check the blog every Monday morning for my favorite ways to get your 2018 shiny n’ bright.

(And yes, sometimes the answer will be “naps.”)

Happy new year!



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