What kind of friend am I?

Am I a good person? I’ve been wondering that a whole bunch lately. (You know, in between posts about how everything is falling apart, excessive birthday sentimentality, and the nonstop parade of theatrical endeavors. God bless you, nonstop parade of theatrical endeavors.) And no, I’m not looking for a bolstering message of- Oh my GAWD, you are SUCH a good person. Because I mostly know. Not that I’m “good,” per se, but that I’m kind. I don’t kick people and {Read More}

Girl Trip: Santa Barbara edition a.k.a. An unwise amount of food.

Last weekend, I abandoned my husband and three kids and jetted off to Santa Barbara for the lowest-key “lost” weekend ever to be kinda/sorta misplaced. Okay, fine. P.J. was with me when I booked the tickets. He practically shoved me out the door. Because he knew- and I know- that when two important people in your life request a getaway, you go away (with them). Kat and Annie were among my very first Chicago pals. We were all of us {Read More}