#TruthTime, October edition

Here’s what I’ve learned this month. You’re never quite as alone as you think. When you stand at a front window and stare into the middle distance while eating fistful upon fistful of your child’s Halloween candy in some semblance of pajama/work at home attire, you will appear to the casual passerby on the street like an absolutely terrifying (and confusing) apparition. (“You heard about THAT house, right? They say she died with fun-sized Baby Ruths clutched to her chest…”) {Read More}

Saying “nope.”

I have this fantasy. Stick with me, here. It involves having an automated email response set up for one whole day, the kind that knows how to accept emails I’m excited to get from family, friends, and work ops that’d be fulfilling, and filter out the multitude which are weird, offensive, stupid, unpaid, unpaid AND unethical, ask for my help getting the unpaid and unethical stuff “to the right department,” or follow up to my “that won’t work/that’s not a {Read More}

What kind of friend am I?

Am I a good person? I’ve been wondering that a whole bunch lately. (You know, in between posts about how everything is falling apart, excessive birthday sentimentality, and the nonstop parade of theatrical endeavors. God bless you, nonstop parade of theatrical endeavors.) And no, I’m not looking for a bolstering message of- Oh my GAWD, you are SUCH a good person. Because I mostly know. Not that I’m “good,” per se, but that I’m kind. I don’t kick people and {Read More}

Peace out. (For a tiny bit, I swear.)

You may have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday. You may not have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday. (And to you I say- we all know what we all know, but I know that you need to know different things.) So! Happy November. October is- and was- a wonderful month, full of birthday DAYS and birthday parties (times three), Halloween parties (times two) and that pesky ol’ thing called Actual Trick or Treat. I am a great celebrator. But {Read More}

Hiding under a towel, stepping away from the glue stick.

I had a Charlie Brown moment yesterday. Specifically, I had a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown moment as I stepped out of the shower yesterday. (Stay with me, here.) Only a week in, October has felt like a sprint. A sprint that I so wanted to enjoy and excel at, but one which left me feeling a little, well, winded. So when I grabbed a towel to dry my hair and the barrage of thoughts raced through my head (articles left {Read More}