CPS students and ‘Hamilton’ on the stage where it happens

Hamilton Education Program

Talk about your next-level field trips. On November 29th, students from 15 CPS high schools got to be in in the spotlight at the CIBC Theatre, where the wildly popular Hamilton has been playing in Chicago to downright frenzied acclaim. 1,900 students and teachers from 25 CPS schools were in attendance for the day celebrating the Hamilton Education Program, now in its second year, and proved to be a captive and supportive audience for their brave, creative, and vocal peers. Inspired by Hamilton and {Read More}

The Fuller House cast, family time (& high-fiving the Tanner girls)


If it was a Friday night- or later on, a Tuesday- between the years of 1987 and 1995, you knew where you were. Sitting on your couch, staring at the Tanner family’s blue plaid couch. Full House was that unicorn of a show which transcended demographic, because we all loved it. We were all of us Tanners. Which is pretty crazy, if you think about it. I didn’t have a whole heck of a lot in common with Danny, Jesse, {Read More}