Kindergarten & the Beatles & crying in public


I cried at Target the other day. It’s neither the first time I’ve cried in public nor even at a Target, but the surprising nature of the cry was enough to snap me out of it pretty quickly and have it turn into an embarrassing choke/gasp kind of thing. So, Susannah- Suzy/Zuzu/whatever the heck she goes by at any given moment- my second born ride-along, the one who can keep a good pun going for as long as the situation {Read More}

Suzy, (soon-to-be) off in the world.


Guys, Susannah is graduating from preschool today. I know, I know, aren’t preschool graduations pretty much the dregs of a Participation Trophy Society? If that’s how early it starts, then when does it end? (…Never. I’m pretty sure the answer is “never.”) That said… It took the ramping up to a pre-k graduation to make me realize one incredibly important thing: Susannah’s not going to be in preschool next year. I know, I know. But- you know? She’s always been {Read More}

My baby started preschool and I’m super great with it, really.


Jasper started school. SCHOOL, you guys. For two and a half hours a day. (Two mornings a week.) Granted, he’s not sending me monthly postcards from his assigned oil rig- yet- but it’s hitting me oddly. Not jubilantly- like some of you freewheeling parents out there. (How the heck do you do it? Not celebrate, I mean. How do you do make it through a school day without wondering who’s gonna play Hungry, Hungry Hippos with you? On whom do {Read More}

Tick tock, Springfield: Chicago Public Schools are crashing & burning.

Chicago has a problem. Truth be told, Chicago has many problems, but aside from gun violence, political nepotism, and the inability to moderate debauchery on [the Saturday before] St. Patrick’s Day, the biggest problem is the state of the public schools. After devastating, city-wide cuts earlier this year (during which time our arts-focused CPS lost one of its art teachers), it was recently announced that a further slashing of up to 30% is looking pretty darned imminent. For my kid’s {Read More}