CPS students and ‘Hamilton’ on the stage where it happens

Talk about your next-level field trips. On November 29th, students from 15 CPS high schools got to be in in the spotlight at the CIBC Theatre, where the wildly popular Hamilton has been playing in Chicago to downright frenzied acclaim. 1,900 students and teachers from 25 CPS schools were in attendance for the day celebrating the Hamilton Education Program, now in its second year, and proved to be a captive and supportive audience for their brave, creative, and vocal peers. Inspired by Hamilton and {Read More}

Kindergarten & the Beatles & crying in public

I cried at Target the other day. It’s neither the first time I’ve cried in public nor even at a Target, but the surprising nature of the cry was enough to snap me out of it pretty quickly and have it turn into an embarrassing choke/gasp kind of thing. So, Susannah- Suzy/Zuzu/whatever the heck she goes by at any given moment- my second born ride-along, the one who can keep a good pun going for as long as the situation {Read More}

Suzy, (soon-to-be) off in the world.

Guys, Susannah is graduating from preschool today. I know, I know, aren’t preschool graduations pretty much the dregs of a Participation Trophy Society? If that’s how early it starts, then when does it end? (…Never. I’m pretty sure the answer is “never.”) That said… It took the ramping up to a pre-k graduation to make me realize one incredibly important thing: Susannah’s not going to be in preschool next year. I know, I know. But- you know? She’s always been {Read More}

My baby started preschool and I’m super great with it, really.

Jasper started school. SCHOOL, you guys. For two and a half hours a day. (Two mornings a week.) Granted, he’s not sending me monthly postcards from his assigned oil rig- yet- but it’s hitting me oddly. Not jubilantly- like some of you freewheeling parents out there. (How the heck do you do it? Not celebrate, I mean. How do you do make it through a school day without wondering who’s gonna play Hungry, Hungry Hippos with you? On whom do {Read More}

Tick tock, Springfield: Chicago Public Schools are crashing & burning.

Chicago has a problem. Truth be told, Chicago has many problems, but aside from gun violence, political nepotism, and the inability to moderate debauchery on [the Saturday before] St. Patrick’s Day, the biggest problem is the state of the public schools. After devastating, city-wide cuts earlier this year (during which time our arts-focused CPS lost one of its art teachers), it was recently announced that a further slashing of up to 30% is looking pretty darned imminent. For my kid’s {Read More}