Skill sets.

Lots of folks are posting (downright adorable) photos of their kiddos’ First Day of School pix. As we don’t start until September 8th and FOURTEENTH, respectively, I am not those people. Due to those samesuch constraints, my work output this past week/weekend has been- ah- lacking. Let’s go with lacking. But lest you think my cluttery weekend didn’t allow for self-reflection, I tell you NAY. Here are two things I said aloud in the past 48 hours: 1) I’ve decided that, {Read More}

The art of the putter.

I’m a proud putterer. My favorite kind of days are the ones where I can amble from room to room, task to task, feel like I’m slooooowly getting everything done, and become quietly inspired along the way. If I don’t have to get dressed, awesome. If there’s nothing urgent on the schedule, even awesomer. It’s not laziness- not entirely- and not antisocial behavior- pretty much not entirely- instead, it’s a reveling in the ability to organize, perch on the corner {Read More}

Screen-Free Sunday, aka P.J. Wants Me To Just Stoppit.

First things firstly, congrats to Katie R. for winning the most recent giveaway of Expecting: A Year of Fixing Up & Breaking Down! (Watch your mailbox for it- it’ll be marvy! Also, how awesome is mail mail? <—Awesome.) In other news, my friend Sara had the brilliant idea to institute Screen-Free Sundays starting this weekend. Since we had each just had a beer, this Saturday night proclamation didn’t seem too lofty a goal. (“Yeah, let’s make it every day! And {Read More}

Mother’s Day Monday (Observed).

Being as it’s the Monday after a holiday, what better time to commemorate it via blog? Happy Monday after Mother’s Day, you guys. My day was spent sleeping in until 8:45 a.m. (!!!) and then getting treated to brunch down the street. A few things: the kids probably would’ve let me sleep even later than that, but my body clock fully acknowledged that any later than that would’ve felt like the shank of the day. And yes, parents “brunch” at {Read More}

Rearranging Furniture And Other Marriage Helpers.

I feel that moving and rearranging objects gives them energy, I honestly do. I feel that Feng Shui is a very real form of magic. I also feel that I have no actual skills when it comes to Feng Shui-ing the heck out of a room. This doesn’t stop me in the slightest. Related: P.J. is the (reluctantly) proud owner of a newly upended room. This is a guy, for the record, who likes his socks to go in the {Read More}

Wilted, Hoardy, Flowers In The Attic.

It’s Week 3 of our 5 Week Go East, Young Family jaunt… So we dug out my parents’ attic. My oldest sister and I were in charge of the demo- er, organization. Here are some Big Dig highlights (keeping in mind that Kate and I were, quite possibly, left alone in a blazing hot attic for a tad too long):

Clearing Out The Clutter, Crate By Crate.

While my Lenten resolution to not scream at my children hasn’t been going craaaaazy well (maybe I’ll try again full-force once everyone can sleep in their own beds and pee in the correct receptacles), I am proud to say that I’ve been a champ at clearing out the clutter ’round here. Kinda. To date, I’ve sorted and tossed roughly eight or nine moving boxes worth o’ stuff from the deep, dark recesses of…our shelves and cabinets. Like- stuff in plain view {Read More}

100 Things In My House? Never.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately which concern how to “edit” one’s possessions and how to make do with less. Dave Bruno’s 100 Thing Challenge comes to mind. I love the idea of only keeping things around which are extremely useful, extremely beautiful, or extremely sentimental. It’s a great idea. Probably a very healthy and happy-makin’ idea. But it’s also an idea that makes me Ugly Laugh 0ut of my nose. People who tout the 100 Thing lifestyle? {Read More}