The weekend of weddings (and cheese and bouncy castles).

This morning, I was seriously proud of myself. By 7:10 a.m., all three kids were (mostly) fed, (mostly) dressed, and buckled into the car. We swung by a friend’s house to pick up their son for carpooling. By 7:40 a.m., I had deposited two kindergarteners to the correct classroom door. Within 20 minutes, the remaining twosome and I drove back across town to pick up my preschooler’s pal for carpooling, stopping ever so briefly for a potential episode of carsickness. {Read More}

Wedding Weekend 2: The Bride of Wedding Weekend.

So, as promised, here’s a smattering of my youngest sister’s #flynnpesq Wedding Weekend 2015 highlights. (Because we’d need a coffee table book for the whole dang shebang. We’d probably need to borrow a few more coffee tables, too.) And as I don’t yet have access to Em’s sure-to-be glorious wedding photos (and because my phone was someone else for the majority of the day), here are a few cobbled-together pix: The hotel had a salt water pool. It was freezing. {Read More}

Return Of The Minivan: The Condiments Strike Back.

Apologies for the nonexistent Monday post. During the time that I’d usually be publishing the Monday a.m. blog, we were careening somewhere across New York. Or maybe it was Pennsylvania by that point. Definitely not Ohio, and years away from being Indiana or Illinois, end-of-journey-wise. Here’s what I’ve learned about trekking halfway across the country in a minivan with three kids, aged 5.5 and under: Don’t do it. Stop. Why are you still thinking about it? Don’t be a jerk. {Read More}

Time Capsule: Actual Film Edition.

I developed three rolls of film yesterday. That’s right, I took actual film in to be developed. And not in a hipster “Oh, I’ll just use my makeshift darkroom secured by vintage jacquard curtains” way. No. I took three, wedding flower-decorated, disposable cameras into the corner Walgreens and handed a confused photo employee a time capsule. “Do you develop these?” “Uhh…I think so?” Back story: I had unearthed these gems last month while sorting some boxes at my folks’ home. {Read More}

My Sister Got Married And All I Got…

(…was this lousy pair of sunglasses. Actually, I like the shades quite a bit.) Over the weekend, my youngest sister Emma and her fiancé Dan got married. Here’s why it was special: Originally intended for May of 2015, this ceremony was quickly whipped into shape by dear family and friends (and family friends) so that neither chemo nor cancer could stand in the way of our Dad walking Em down the aisle. Here’s why it was cool: The small group {Read More}

You Can Take The Mom Outta The Diaper Zone, But…

On Saturday, I got to drive up to Green Lake, Wisconsin, and take part in a beyond-terrific bachelorette party. (Okay, technically the party started the night before- in Madison, at the bars n’ such- but out of respect to The Roo, I kept my pregnant self home until the lake house part of the festivities. And it was festive. Seriously. The gals were a great bunch, and we did all sorts of lake house-y things such as sit on a {Read More}

Keely’s Best Weekend Ever (AKA Who’s Paying For All These Sitters?)

So here’s what’s happened since we last spoke… An Awesome Weekend (’cause yeah, I’m totally channeling college and pretending that Thursday is “the weekend”): I met up with a bunch o’ bloggy pals on Thursday (although not nearly enough- it was sadly but a mere cross-section of the girls with whom I wanted to dine and shriek and hold hands)… Even though we were seated at a table for 20, Kristin and I pretended to be on a super romantic {Read More}

California, A Wedding, And Some Stoked Little Girls.

Since I’m still very much so in the midst of California-vacationin’, here’s a sneak peek of the awesomeness that has been this week. For starters, I attended a wicked beautiful wedding of some college pals. The venue was on a gorgeous Southern California bluff overlooking the ocean where I kinda want to have my next wedding. (Take notes, Peej. If you’re lucky, it’ll be to you.)  There was