Got teens who love films? Give them this experience, Chicago.

Fresh Films

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fresh Films, a company whose programs I really, really admire. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and incredibly envious reactions are entirely my own. *** Popping in for some Friday fun because of a quickly approaching deadline for a company– and program!– you need to know about, Chicagoland. Not-for-profit Fresh Films is creating TV pilots for their annual summer program, and bringing on crews of local teens to learn lighting, camera {Read More}

Camping. A thing we totally did.


We went camping this past weekend. No, nothing in that sentence was a typo. It did not involve four star hotels- and, in fact, my accommodations were downright tiny. (There were multiple feet in multiple faces at multiples hours of the evening.) There were, however, exceptional friends on this camping trip. The kind who take this trip every year together with their families of three and four. So when they invited our family of five [crazies], I was a) honored {Read More}

5 ways my vacation and my home are very, very different.


Hi. So, I’m not fully back back. Our luggage is back, that’s for sure. (I’m pretty sure it found some friends and made some babies by the looks of the unpacking and laundry. The amount of pajamas alone are quite suspect.) The children are back and so are their parents- at least physically. Mentally, on the other hand, is a different story. There are exhausted meltdowns. There are 3am, 4am, 5am wake ups. There are floor naps. (And that’s just {Read More}

An interview with two experienced Pearachuters.

keely kids beach

Disclosure: As a Pearachute Ambassador, it’s my business to tell you all about the classes, activities, sports, and play times in the greater Chicagoland area. (And business is GOOD.) Although I’m being compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and children with sand in their ears(?!) are entirely my own. ***FYI, stay with me ’til the bottom for new locales and crazy-new prices!*** *** Sure, you’ve all heard me go on (and on and on) about how great Pearachute is as a flexible {Read More}

Giveaway! $70 Rodan + Fields summer essentials!


Guys, this is a good one. Recently, I’ve been working with my friend Jacqueline to promote her fabulous Rodan + Fields biz– and she really knows her stuff. (Plus, she’s flawless. Which is a) totally unfair at preschool pickup and b) totally how you’d want your R+F consultant to look, amiright?) And hey, Chicago, you know how it’s a gazillion degrees and sticky right here on the surface of the sun (which, again, we wouldn’t change because= winter is about {Read More}

Summertime haikus.


Out of bread by noon Why do kids need to eat lunch It’s called “tapas,” guys. * Oh, working from home Togetherness redefined Please get off my ribs. * Sweet God, so much pee What are you aiming at, child? Potty training hurts. * * Let’s just lay out back. You smell like sunscreen, kiddo. That’s a great cloud shape. * That’s not an outfit Fine, it’ll do for today Jammies forever! * Is that what we do? You need {Read More}

Pearachute digs your summer groove.

summer pearachute

Disclosure: As a Pearachute ambassador, I sometimes question my good fortune to be able to share our favorite Chicagoland adventures, all using this simple yet brilliant app. Although I’m being compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and sun-freckled children are entirely my own. *** Oh, friends. TGISummerVacationFinallyFinallyFINALLY. I am so massively in love with lazy(ish) mornings spent reading in our jammies, quiet hours building sand castles at the beach (pre-lunch crowd), and lounge-y afternoons spent poking around backyards, the parks, and corners of our {Read More}

D.I.Y. urban clubhouse/reading nook/eye injury. (Part 1.)


“I used to have a great clubhouse/tree fort/Terabithia-like bit o’ wilderness in which to play as a youth,” you reminisce. “But then I moved to a city and had kids. And those kids dig in playlot wood chips and a part of my soul dies a tad,” you admit. What to do?! Oh guys, it’s so simple. As long as you’re: a) delusional b) in possession of a side alley/renting from a super understanding landlord c) up to date on {Read More}