Cold & flu & terror & the apocalypse

I’m terrified of cold and flu season. …But I’m not terrified of colds and the flu for the reasons you might expect. (Unexpected Illness Terror: a book of contemplative poetry by Keely Flynn, coming soon.) I mean, there’s plenty to be afraid of. Kids throwing up is gross. Body aches and sinus pain make you regret life choices, like choosing to have a life where you catch the flu. And, at least in this news cycle, this is the worst {Read More}

3 marvelous companies for wellness this year

Disclosure: It’s wellness and self-care season, you guys. Although I’m compensated for this post, all thoughts, opinions, and aggressively sustaining practices are entirely my own. (Unless one of you suggested the whole “sleep more” thing to me. Then, thank you.)  *** Boy-o, who could use a handy guide to help get you through cold n’ flu season, lack of sunlight season, and…whatever you can even call this political season? I hear you. It’s no secret that I get to try {Read More}

West Nile, 4 weeks in.

Hi, everyone! It’s me, your neighborhood Typhoid Mary (who, j/k, isn’t actually contagious in the slightest because- again- I’m not a mosquito). But it’s me! Kind of. It’s hard to see past these layers of under eye-concealer and blankets wrapped around my noggin. Picture Jacob Marley. If Jacob Marley didn’t look quite so well-rested. Also- hey! Guys! An alarming number of you read the previous post’s title and laughed like, “Oh man, West Nile. You must be feeling SICK. How’s {Read More}

That time I had West Nile (this month).

Oh, you guys. I have a confession to make. I’ve been kinda sick lately- and for a longish time- and when you’re sick for a longish time without any crazy real announcement, people assume that a) you’re pregnant, b) you’re dying, or c) you’re pregnant and dying (which really brings in the ol’ meal train offers.) I am not pregnant. I am not dying. I’ve actually- and fairly recently- been diagnosed with the West Nile virus. Yep. And since, when {Read More}