Why I’m the worst at home renovations

I’m feeling stuck. About what, you ask? (…After a moment where you wonder if I’m just going to go ahead and start rambling anyhow, so the polite thing to do is to offer a token “ask?”) Well, I’ll tell you. We’re getting a new kitchen floor. WHAT A BOUGIE-ASS THING TO BE FEELING “STUCK” ABOUT. (I know.) But here’s the thing; after almost eight years in this house and dealing with exploding sewers and marauding rats and folks attempting to {Read More}

9 ways you know you work from home

In a completely unscientific, alarmingly biased poll (which I asked myself and nobody else), here are… 9 Ways You Know You Work From Home (a true story) The concept of “office” has all been obliterated. This is great! Unfortunately, the concept of “desk” and “delineated work spaces” isn’t always held as sacred. Sometimes this means working on the floor. Of your car. In the garage. (While the Frozen soundtrack is blasting.) Sure, your old coworkers had their quirks, but the {Read More}

3 marvelous companies for wellness this year

Disclosure: It’s wellness and self-care season, you guys. Although I’m compensated for this post, all thoughts, opinions, and aggressively sustaining practices are entirely my own. (Unless one of you suggested the whole “sleep more” thing to me. Then, thank you.)  *** Boy-o, who could use a handy guide to help get you through cold n’ flu season, lack of sunlight season, and…whatever you can even call this political season? I hear you. It’s no secret that I get to try {Read More}

Things you need to know right now: Memorial Day edition.

Memorial Day weekend inspires the average homeowner to do two things: eat lots of grilled meat, and fix things around the house. (P.J. would suggest that I’m not the “average” homeowner, especially when it comes to the prospect of eating food and changing things up.) Have I got some info for you! Chicago loves the Weber Grill. (And everyone visiting Chicago, naturally, loves the Weber Grill.) What’s not to adore? Primo locale next to the Mag Mile, an off-the-charts awesome {Read More}