The Dads I love on Father’s Day

I miss my Dad today. (That’s a joke; I miss my Dad every day.) But working in social media with a constant stream of incoming PR requests, the tone this week has been decidedly “your Dad deserves this” and “how are you celebrating the father in your life?” It’s…hard. I think about how he always, always had the answer. And even if he knew what you were going to say and the roundabout way you’d get to your point, he’d {Read More}

Why I’m the worst at home renovations

I’m feeling stuck. About what, you ask? (…After a moment where you wonder if I’m just going to go ahead and start rambling anyhow, so the polite thing to do is to offer a token “ask?”) Well, I’ll tell you. We’re getting a new kitchen floor. WHAT A BOUGIE-ASS THING TO BE FEELING “STUCK” ABOUT. (I know.) But here’s the thing; after almost eight years in this house and dealing with exploding sewers and marauding rats and folks attempting to {Read More}

35 reasons: A birthday ode to the best guy I know

Today, the world’s most perfect Philip Joseph is 35. Thirty-five. Considering what a youthful youth he was when we first met, that number seems positively made up. (But as Suzy pointed out last night, I’ll always be older. And as P.J. pointed out- much older.) Since we first started celebrating birthdays together, I’ve made a habit of emailing him throughout the day and listing the reasons I’m downright bonkers for him. (It was a tad easier in his middle twenties, {Read More}