Keely Works Out So You Don’t Have To.

My sister Rachel gave me her Insanity workout DVDs a little while back *coughtwoyearsagocough* and I thought I’d give them a go. With commentary, of course. (If you can’t blog about it, it hasn’t really happened.) Some of you may remember when I was berated by my Wii Fit, and- for longtime followers- when I live-blogged Core Rhythms and came away from both with serious life questions. But yes,

Weekends Are For Eating.

Corn dogs forever. Okay. So, this snow is seriously an unexpected turn of events. Especially to my ranunculus- which, yes, I realize makes me sound a thousand creaky years old- but they [were] lovely be-petaled window box beauties…and are now flowersicles. If there is one victory, it is that the sneaky bunnies and the mammoth squirrel we’ve named The Don will no longer be able to pilfer my lettuce. (Ha HAH.) Before I spiral into a depressing morning of Snuggie-wearing {Read More}

You’re driving me to snack.

Not me. Or Mii.  My Wii Fit (Plus) and I need to talk. Actually, it may be better if someone else spoke to him. (Her? Probably “her.” No one condescends quite like a woman.) I decided to hop up on the ol’ Wii balance board yesterday- with Nora in tow. (Side note- try working out with a toddler if you ever want to really feel like you’re living the good life.) Right off the bat, the Wii’s all like- Oh {Read More}

My house doesn’t even spin.

Let me be among the top five hundred to welcome you into 2011, three days in. I am deeply consumed with confusion over my absent flying car, meal tablet, robotic housekeeper…or any housekeeper at all, for that matter. (Do you hear that, P.J.? Do not feel limited by any type of maid. I would take Amelia Bedelia at this point.) Our New Year’s Eve was pretty normal and quiet, by rest home standards. The three of us stayed in our jammies- {Read More}

Time for smaller jorts!

I was all set this morning. Yep, I knew what issues were going to be blown to smithereens and how pointedly- and yet self-deprecatingly- I was gonna lay it down. And then Nora needed breakfast. Again. (Just like yesterday!) And then while she was playing so happily with a mixture of kitchen utensils and bath books, I decided it was a good time to work out; i.e. thwack at the Wii Fit with a half-dead Wiimote.  And after the usual guff {Read More}

Home is where the Swiffer is.

My Wii Fit was snarky to me this morning. We have a history, that thing and I do. Back in January it called me obese. Then the boxing instructor openly mocked me. And if it’s been a bit of time between sessions, the Wii console character is all- Well howdy DO, lazy butt!  My “trainer” is condescending. And forever changing her hairstyle. And wondering if- perhaps- I’m putting too much pressure on my toes. Or my heels. Ease up, heifer! {Read More}

Not for the faint of heart.

Remember that hilarious post about the rats in the wall? And how they’d soon “take care of themselves?” Optimistic homeowners are completely blitzed on stupidity. Lemme paint another picture: Friday night= fabulous! Had a good friend over for some tacos and baby-snuggling. Mario Kart Wii was involved, as was The Soup, a lovely Zinfandel and a minimum of scratching in the walls and floors. Saturday= just as grand. Breakfast, home renovations, more baby-snuggling, some quality television and again, an absence {Read More}