Being A Pollyanna (And Wrapping Up The Week).

At the risk of sounding like a Pollyanna, I’d like to start off my week with a list of things for which I’m utterly grateful. I mean, couldn’t hurt, right? (Since I think we all know what it feels like to wake up and [angrily] marvel yet again at the sound of the alarm…and necessity to DO things…and and and…) (Side note: Remember the Made For TV movie Polly, which was a 1950s adaptation of Pollyanna and starred Keshia Knight Pulliam? Man, that {Read More}

Not for the faint of heart.

Remember that hilarious post about the rats in the wall? And how they’d soon “take care of themselves?” Optimistic homeowners are completely blitzed on stupidity. Lemme paint another picture: Friday night= fabulous! Had a good friend over for some tacos and baby-snuggling. Mario Kart Wii was involved, as was The Soup, a lovely Zinfandel and a minimum of scratching in the walls and floors. Saturday= just as grand. Breakfast, home renovations, more baby-snuggling, some quality television and again, an absence {Read More}

I didn’t even mention all the poosplosions.

Oh my stars, 10,000 hits on the ol’ Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog! (Or, you know, this one.) Let’s see who the lucky reader is! Okie doke, someone from Wells, Maine. Hello! So happy to meetcha! And you got here via a search for…the top 10 songs about narcissism. Welcome. This morning upon waking I discovered that all of the feeling in my arms, hands and fingers was missing. There’s a distinct possibility that this was because I slept on my {Read More}