#TruthTime, October edition

Here’s what I’ve learned this month. You’re never quite as alone as you think. When you stand at a front window and stare into the middle distance while eating fistful upon fistful of your child’s Halloween candy in some semblance of pajama/work at home attire, you will appear to the casual passerby on the street like an absolutely terrifying (and confusing) apparition. (“You heard about THAT house, right? They say she died with fun-sized Baby Ruths clutched to her chest…”) {Read More}

24 things which are real this week

24 things which are real this week I have the coolest 7 year-old in the history of children. (Her actual birthday choices included, among other things, an hour at the Art Institute, LEGOs, and at least three chapters of Encyclopedia Brown.) P.J. and I have a 7 year-old now. Halloween a mere two days after a birthday is heck on the system. Anti-inflammatory drugs are not nearly as much fun as narcotics. It’s possible to nap for three hours and still {Read More}

Jasper’s big (tiny) Halloween #StreamTeam reveal

Disclosure: As part of Netflix’s superbly fun #StreamTeam, I get to extol the virtues of the latest and greatest in streaming content. Although I’m compensated for my work, all thoughts, opinions, and downright edible children are entirely my own. *** Halloween is hard. Not the overstimulation, the constant blocking of gory zombie displays, or even the crazy amounts of candy consumption (that part is embarrassingly easy)… No, what’s hard is the dressing-up and going-out and keeping-on of a costume for a {Read More}