Here’s what’s making me cry this week.

I’ll admit it, I’m a happy crier. I’ll admit even more: I’m a happy crier who used to mock my own mother’s “isn’t this beautiful” welling-up at ads, movies, D.A.R.E. graduations, and so on. But in light of the fact that there’s been so much sad crying lately (and angry crying and incredulous crying and and and…), I’ll cheerfully put my reformed ways out in the open. Most recently, I happy-cried at the Goodman’s beautiful ‘A Christmas Carol,’ during the {Read More}

Wednesday Roundup: Dance, play, watch, and create.

Apparently I’m bringing back the round-up: (Apparently there’s way too much to do in this town.) Guys- you’re not too late! Take your littles to (our favorite place) Pickle’s Playroom to see (our favorite peeps) The Play Cafè join in on the interactive Radio Party! This super-duper music and storytelling duo of Linda and Brad (which you might remember from oh- lemme see- Monday’s birthday spectacular) brings the fun, the laughs, the dancin,’ and ohmyGAWD the subsequent naps. Cost for the performance {Read More}